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Poison by Lot Vekemans

translated by Rina Vergano

Maltings Arts Theatre, St Albans

17th to 26th January 2019

After not speaking for ten years, an estranged couple is forced to understand what happened to their marriage and their lives. Can they now help each other to make sense of the past so that they can both move on?

Lot Vekemans is an international award winning Dutch playwright.  Her work has been translated into 15 languages and performed in more than 25 countries including London, New York, Beijing, Mexico, Moscow and Athens.

Produced in collaboration with OVO and the Maltings Arts Theatre. Show photography by Pavel Gonevski.

The Herts Advertiser described the production as "a spell-binding 90 minutes" (Please click on the image to read the full review) accompanied by 5-star audience feedback including:

“Raw, elegant, heart-breaking, redemptive, taut, engaging, gorgeous, stunning, captivating and delicately handled”.

Herts advertiser play review

Directed by

Amy Connery & Steph Jones


Sarah Priddy as "She" and Simon Nicholas as "He"

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