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We have agreed terms to R&D a brand new UK theatre production set in the universe of the sci-fi/horror movie ResolutionAaron Moorhead and Justin Benson's unique and ingenious 2012 movie is set in a fascinating universe of temporal uncertainty; the challenge for us is to translate it to the stage!

Right now, we are on the cusp of appointing a playwright, and are bursting to make an announcement on this as soon as possible.  After exploratory discussions with the playwright and Aaron and Justin, we are looking at setting the play in the UK with a new set of characters whilst remaining true to the temporal mythological kernal of the movie.  We will be working in collaboration with Aaron and Justin to ensure the stage play stays true to the world of their movie.

Our next step is to secure funding which, as you can imagine, is much harder right now so we expect this to take longer than originally planned.

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Are you a theatre magician?

Resolution will include innovative theatre magic to represent non-linear time ranging from visual tricks-of-the-eye to projection techniques. If you would like to be involved in this R&D stage please email our Producer at producer@dualitytheatrecompany.com.

About DTC

At Duality Theatre Company (DTC) we deliver theatre that explores the duality we have as a singular human race. We explore the full breadth of human emotion and transitive action from the brightest heights to the darkest depths. Based in Hertfordshire, our preference is to deliver "black box theatre" and small cast plays with no more than 4 performers; we focus particularly on the interactions and relationships between 2 performers. 

Our work:

Poison by Lot Vekemans

Modern Dance for Beginners by Sarah Phelps



variable noun

A duality is a situation in which two opposite ideas or feelings exist at the same time.

We live in a world of duality, positive and negative, strong and weak, good and evil, etc.

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